A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii. Now, I’m quite fond of adventures and lengthy flights, but this was different. In the days prior I packed and unpacked my suitcase, unsure if I would even get on the flight, but I was told that this was my time to clear … Continue reading Peace.


The bad days will always exist. They may not be as frequent, but they’re there. They tend to creep up at night or early in the morning when the world is still quiet—when I don’t have much noise to distract me from them. It’s been a long road learning how to deal with them; how … Continue reading Prana.


There’s something that happens when you let yourself open up: it can either be dreadful or delightful—gruesome or glorious. It can tear you apart if you let it. It changes you. I spent five years closing myself off. Five years of keeping everyone at an arm's length. I convinced myself that I was doing the … Continue reading Fear.