Green Ginger Smoothie.

Not so fun fact about myself: I have many food anxieties. Most of them revolve around texture issues which, as a kid, made it very difficult for me to try new things (and usually led to a lack of certain vitamins). As an adult I’ve overcome a lot of them, but not without the help of a good ol’ blender. I became a smoothie connoisseur (not board certified) in college when I realized they allowed me to consume many fruits and vegetables that I didn’t particularly enjoy eating, but loved the taste of. Over the years, I’ve experimented with different recipes and this has become a classic in our house.

We use fresh fruit whenever possible, but Trader Joe’s always has a good variety of frozen fruits in a pinch. We like to prep our smoothie bags Sunday so that all we have to do is thaw overnight and blend in the morning. Personally, I prefer smoothies as they retain so much of the nutrients throughout the blending process.

IMG_4340 2

Green Ginger Smoothie

1-1.5 cups of mango

1 cup of peaches

About 2 Tbsp. of fresh ginger

Handful of kale

2-3 cups of lemonade

Blend until smooth.

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This is my favorite Monday Morning smoothie. Between the fruit and the kale, I know I’m getting plenty of protein, fiber, and vitamins first thing. Plus, the ginger adds the perfect kick to help wake me up. Now, to save on time, I use store-bought lemonade, but fresh lemonade (I love this one from Kristin Made) is always a plus.

If you’re not a fan of tart smoothies, maybe leave this one out of your recipe book.