The first time you met, did you feel it? You sat there for hours craving more conversation than time would allow. Yet, it seemed endless and time submitted to your constraints. Every day, every week, you managed more. With every extra second, did you understand it?

The first time you kissed, did you feel it? Your definition of everything changed in an instant; home, happiness, humanity. The variables were ever-changing, but he was constant. With every new definition, did you understand it?

Were you certain? The moment your heart was slamming in your chest to tell you that this was it. This was all you would ever need. The moment you drove home, inches apart, and realized that was most distance you could stand. Could you grasp the idea of it?

I love you. How long did it take for you to say it? Even though you felt it all those hours you begged time to slow down. You knew it when ‘home’ was attributed to being by his side. When distance could make you miss him and, somehow, love him more—you were certain.

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